A Challenger Bank View: Fidor

 In Case Study, Participant


“Fidor is known as a FinTech friendly digital bank. We did bet on API from our origin with the aim to make  FinTech and bank collaboration more  effective. The ultimate objective is to create an ecosystem that makes it easy for customers to manage

their money  and engage with multiple FinTech from one single place. As of March 2017, 45 FinTechs have successfully joined the Fidor Finance Bay app store which helps FinTechs provide their own services to Fidor Bank’s customers (currently in the German  and the UK markets with plans to expand globally).

Our API sandbox was made public and available to partners, clients, developers and students from the early days. Key objectives were to testify of the quality of the fidorOS platform and most importantly to make  collaboration with FinTechs

through our sandbox much  easier. The fidorOS API sandbox is the perfect place for FinTechs to develop and test solutions in a place that mimics a real live production environment. FinTechs can freely test their solutions at their own pace, increase the quality of their delivery using quality data  and really know which components can be integrated and licenced to Fidor.

Our API Sandbox plays an essential role in ensuring end to end integration for seamless customer journeys. We strive to share knowledge and co-innovate with industry peers, API sandbox makes it possible to collaborate on a larger scale and truly accelerate the advent of innovation.”


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