An Investor View: Tim Levene, Managing Partner, Augmentum Capital

 In Case Study, Participant


At Augmentum, we like to get to build a relationship with entrepreneurs as early as possible, often before  they are ready to raise finance, and where possible provide ongoing feedback as we look to build a long term relationship. The businesses we invest in must stand out from the crowd whether that be due to a unique or disruptive business model, first mover advantage or by being best of breed.


A sandbox can help us make  a better  evaluation early in our relationship with a company. It also can support our portfolio companies in engaging with potential institutional clients more  effectively.


An Industry Sandbox, as an open collaboration platform for product prototyping and pre-production testing, allows us greater visibility to assess and access innovative ideas. In many  cases, this will reduce uncertainty and risk that can deter  investors. One of the biggest barriers holding back many  innovative FinTech businesses is regulatory complexity, anything that can appropriately reduce those barriers will be welcomed.


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