Consultation Process


Consultation Materials

Reference materials were produced at different stages of the Industry Sandbox Consultation. Please review the latest documents for the most up-to-date outputs of the consultation process, and the earlier documents to track how ideas evolved in the course of the Consultation.

Consultation Report

 The Industry Sandbox Consultation was conducted between July 2017 and April 2017. This is a preview of key findings, ahead of full Consultation Report publication expected in May 2017.

Industry Sandbox Call for Input

 Following industry engagement between July 2016 and January 2017, this Call for Input puts forward proposals on the need to create an Industry Sandbox and the potential design, funding and governance options. Interested parties are invited to respond by 10th March for their contribution to be considered in the final recommendations. 

A blueprint for an Industry-led virtual sandbox for financial innovation: A Consultation Guide

This Guide provides an overview of the Industry Sandbox Consultation as lead by Innovate Finance, and an early view of possible use cases and design components.

Industry Sandbox Design Session

On Tuesday, 22 November, Innovate Finance hosted a design session on the key features, value proposition and governance model of an Industry Sandbox. This session provided key input into the industry-wide consultation, as it fast-tracked consensus on the key use cases, design principles and governance requirements of an Industry Sandbox.