Industry Sandbox Consultation

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About the Industry Sandbox Consultation

An Industry Sandbox provides a testing environment that isolates experimentation and piloting from companies’ production environments. Like any sandbox, it protects “live” systems, data and consumers and replicates at least the minimal functionality needed to accurately test, pilot and/or simulate software in development.

The Industry Sandbox Consultation opened in July 2016, seeking industry-wide feedback on the demand for such a solution, the incentives of different stakeholders to support it, and its key technical, operational and legal features. The full spectrum of the FinTech industry, including start-ups, financial institutions, technology providers, telecoms and data vendors are within the scope of the Consultation.

The FCA invited Innovate Finance with chairing the consultation and Innovate Finance assembled a steering committee of advisors and observers from across financial services to oversee in the consultation. Innovate Finance is conducting surveys, interviews, roundtables and design workshops to gather evidence.

Consultation Timeline

Consultation Materials

Reference materials were produced at different stages of the Industry Sandbox Consultation. Please review the latest documents for the most up-to-date outputs of the consultation process, and the earlier documents to track how ideas evolved in the course of the Consultation.

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